Power Truck Show
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Over the years, the Power Truck Show has become an international car show event featuring the most exquisite lorries in northern Europe both from home and abroad.

The Power Truck Show has become a growing number of summer event events where you will be able to look at well-painted and customized trucks and other vehicles, meet your friends and enjoy and see the good program.


The jury of the exhibition distributes prizes to cars by category. The class division is based on the purpose of use of the car and the category of competition for each car is determined by the rule of reference.


Semi-trailer Trucks 2013 and older
Semi-trailer Trucks 2014 and later
Semi-trailer Trucks + trailer
International Semitrucks
Tank- / bulktrucks
Cabinet / freight cars
Timber trucks
Wood chip trucks
Gravel trucks
Demountable trucks
Special Cars
USA trucks
Delivery Trucks
USA Cars

Scale models

  •     Juniors, builder under 16 years
  •     Senior, builder over 16 years

In addition, the jury chooses the prizes in the following categories

Best Painting
Best Decor
Best Superstructure
Honor prizes I-VI
The Longest Journey
The New Comer of the Year

Representative exhibition stand


The audience chooses their favorites

Super Truck

The top 5 of the Challengers and the top 5 in Super Truck make up the new 10 Super Car Class - Super Truck cars. When a new Super Truck class is formed, all Super Truck classmakers evaluate each other's cars and score points for other cars, no points are awarded to own car.

This is how the three best and winner cars of the entire Power Truck Show car show


The Organizer reserves the right to combine the categories and the possibility of deleveraging the enrolled.


In Co-Operation