Info for exhibitors

Info for exhibitors


Exhibition booth assembly

The exhibitor is responsible for setting up a booth that remains within the limits of the space reserved for them. Exhibition booth assembly will begin on Thursday, 10 August, at 9.00 am.


-  Area U1 – Thursday at 9.00 am

-  Booths located along the outer edges of area U2 are kindly requested to arrive by 12.00 noon.

-  The assembly of booths located in the center of area U2 can begin after 2.00 pm.

-  Area U3 – Thursday at 12.00 noon

-  Area U4 – Thursday at 9.00 am


Booth disassembly can begin on Saturday at 6.00 pm at the earliest and the booths must be disassembled and the area cleared by Sunday, 13 August 2023, 12.00 noon.


Exhibition booth structures, furniture and accessories

Maiseri Oy provides furniture and other materials for exhibition booths as the official partner of the Power Truck Show. They can provide tents, wall structures, exhibition mats and floors, counters, tables and chairs and other accessories for your booth.


Contact person

Olli Suvisalmi

+358 20 734 3834


Washing heavy equipment for the exhibition booths

There are two Kärcher rinsing/washing stations in the area where professionals rinse trucks. The stations open on Thursday at 9.00 am and are closed in the night between Thursday and Friday once all the trucks have been washed. The trucks must be given a basic wash before they arrive on the grounds. If you need to wash your truck at some other time, Härmän Liikenne has a wash bay where you can have your truck washed for a fee. Contact Härmän Liikenne, +358 50 334 4554. If you do not need to wash your truck, follow the signs to go directly to the exhibition grounds. More information from the traffic signalers.


Cleaning the exhibition booths

Exhibitors are responsible for keeping their booths clean and for taking all their construction and other waste into waste containers, for example the garbage skip located at the end of Palace Areena. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning the aisles and the public routes. The exhibition booth must be left clean after the event.


Electricity for exhibition booths

Lighting power supply €50

Power supply 16 A €150

Power supply 32 A €250

Power supply 63 A €350

VAT 24% will be added to the prices.


Please order electricity for your exhibition booth by 30 June 2024.


Exhibitors order the electric current they need for their booth from the organizer. Electricity will be supplied to the edge of the booth. The exhibitor must bring their own extension cords for connecting the power supply inside their booth. The electrical connections include consumption.


Electrical connections and installations are done by Alahärmän Sähkö Oy.

More information about the electrical connections and installations:

Aki Penninkangas

+358 500 776 956


Shipments to exhibition booths

Shipments to exhibition booths on the event grounds can begin no sooner than on Thursday, 8 August 2024. Shipments to exhibition booths can be sent to the address:

Power Truck Show

Name and booth number of the exhibitor

Puistotie 3


When you ship something, please call: Ari Nukala, +358 400 264 116


If your shipment will arrive before Thursday, please contact Härmän Kuriiri. Härmän Kuriiri will handle shipment reception, possible storage and return shipment.


Härmän Kuriiri Oy, Mika Ekola, +358 40 412 7193


Exhibition tents

Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that the tents have the appropriate weights and fixings. The weight must be 20 kg / m2. The construction supervisor and the rescue authorities may perform inspections on exhibition booths.


Forklift service for exhibition booths

Two forklift trucks are available during exhibition booth assembly and disassembly. You can order the forklift service during the event from the trade fair office or from the contact person of the forklift service. The forklift service is free for all booths at the Transport Fair.



Driving a vehicle on the fairgrounds during assembly and disassembly is permitted with a separate assembly day access permit. Driving a vehicle on the grounds at other times is prohibited. Driving on the fairgrounds during disassembly can begin on Saturday at 6.00 pm at the earliest. The booths must be disassembled and the area cleared by Sunday, 11 August 2024, 12.00 noon.



Trade fair office

The Power Truck Show trade fair office is located opposite Park Hotel at PowerPark. If you have any questions about the trade fair or the exhibition booths, the Power Truck Show trade fair office is at your service. Visit the trade fair office if you need more customer invitations, exhibitor wristbands or exhibitor parking permits. You can also leave press releases to give out to the press at the trade fair office.


You cannot buy extra trade fair lunch and drink vouchers or Power Night evening tickets or VIP tickets from the Power Truck Show trade fair office. These are sold at the PowerPark info booth.


Opening hours of the trade fair office
Thursday, 8 August 2023, 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

Friday, 9 August 2023, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Saturday, 10 August 2023, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm


PowerPark info

The PowerPark info sells trade fair lunch and drink vouchers and Power Night evening tickets and VIP tickets. These tickets are not sold at the Power Truck Show trade fair office.


Palace Areena pick-up point
Trade fair lunch vouchers, Power Night evening tickets and VIP tickets that have been booked in advance. Thursday, 8 August 2024, 12.00 am – 6.00 pm

Pick-ups after this only from the reception of Park Hotel Härmä.


Park Hotel reception
Thursday, 8 August 2024, 7.00 am – 11.00 pm

Friday, 9 August 2024, 7.00 am – 11.00 pm

Saturday, 10 August 2024, 7.00 am – 11.00 pm



The exhibitor admission wristbands look different from the wristbands used by regular visitors. The exhibitor wristband gives you free admission to the fairgrounds during the day and in the evening. You need to be wearing your wristband to gain admission. An exhibitor pass alone does not allow entry into the grounds. The exhibition booth comes with a certain number of exhibitor wristbands, depending on the type of booth. Extra exhibitor wristbands not included in the booth can be ordered in advance or picked up from the trade fair office at a price of €35 (incl. VAT 10%) per wristband. Extra exhibitor wristbands are invoiced after the event together with the customer invitations.



Customer invitations are a great way to invite customers and stakeholders to visit your company’s exhibition booth and browse the products and services.


Exhibitor companies can order either numbered paper customer invitations or submit a customer invitation order using the electronic system. Choose the method you prefer for delivering the customer invitations to the users. Paper customer invitations must be filled in carefully and they must bear the exhibitor’s stamp or some other company identification. One customer invitation gives one person free admission to the Transport Fair during the time of your choice. We will send the returned (used) customer invitations to you along with the invoice after the trade fair. This will allow you to utilize the visitor information in your after-sales marketing.


You will be invoiced only for the returned (used) customer invitations after the event.


Ordered customer invitations will be mailed within about one week from the order.



PTS Messut Oy has made accommodation arrangements for exhibitors with Härmän Kylpylä (Spa Hotel Härmä) and Lentohotelli in Kauhava. You can book the accommodation yourself using the code. Bookings and cancellations are arranged personally directly with the places of accommodation. You can request the booking code from Hannele Loukasmäki, +358 40 736 0073 or


Exhibitors staying at Härmän Kylpylä or Lentohotelli in Kauhava may use the shuttle bus service provided by the Power Truck Show. The route is PowerPark – Härmän Kylpylä – Lentohotelli in Kauhava. The bus timetables will be announced later and sent by e-mail. Timetables are also available at the trade fair office and the places of accommodation. By showing your exhibitor wristband, you can travel on the buses for free to the places of accommodation.



Let's create the Power Truck Show event together! Marketing material can be found on our website under the Kuljetusmessut / Transport Fair tab.



There is a separate free parking area for exhibitors at the corner of PowerPark, about 200 meters from the event grounds at the address Yliviitalantie 112. You may park in this area for free using the parking permit you have been sent in advance with your trade fair mail.


On Friday and Saturday, there will be two ATVs on duty at the exhibitor parking area until about 12.00 noon. They transport exhibitors’ items to the exhibition booths.


The ATV service is free for all exhibition booths.



PowerPark provides exhibitor meals during the trade fair. Trade fair lunch is served on Friday and Saturday in Palace Areena 11.00 am – 4.00 pm. Meal and drink vouchers can be purchased directly from PowerPark. Meal vouchers ordered in advance can be picked up from the PowerPark info booths. Trade fair lunches will be invoiced afterwards by PowerPark based on the number of used lunch vouchers.



The organizer is responsible for security and public order and safety on the fairgrounds during the trade fair. The organizer is not responsible for any damaged or lost items or structures. The trade fair organizer has liability insurance. This liability insurance does not cover damage suffered or caused by an exhibitor. Exhibitors should take out insurance against theft, liability insurance and any other insurance that they consider necessary.



During trade fair hours, you can contact us:

Ari Nukala +358 400 264 116
Juha Ristimaa +358 400 567 068
Rami Tynjälä +358 500 569 522
Hannele Loukasmäki +358 40 736 0073 or



in co-operation




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