Info and safety

Info and safety

First aid


The first aid point is situated at the Rio Grande camping ground (i.e. fairground area U3). When you enter the Rio Grande Gate, continue for about 30 meters until you see the first aid point on the right side of the road.


Accessibility on the grounds


The Power Truck Show is arranged mainly in an asphalted flat area. The U4 area is located in the gravel / lawn area. There is a toilet for the disabled in the area, located in the Park Hotel.




Power Truck Show trade fair office:
A white semi-trailer opposite the Park Hotel


Trade fair office opening hours

Thursday 10.00-20.00
Friday 9.00-18.00
Saturday 9.00-18.00


Powerpark info point

PowerPark has two info points for the duration of the event: PowerPalace Info and Park Hotel Härmä reception.


PowerPalace Info opening hours: Thu–Sat 8:00–22:00

Park Hotel reception opening hours: Thu–Sat 7:00–22:00




Regional map, trade fairs ›

Regional Map, Broad ›


Prohibited articles


Please ensure that in the interests of public safety you do not have any of the items/things mentioned below in your possession when arriving on the grounds. You will not be allowed on the grounds with a prohibited article.


All prohibited articles will be removed at the entrance gates. There is no cloakroom on the grounds, so be prepared to take prohibited articles away.


Prohibited articles:

– Alcohol and other intoxicants, as well as narcotics

– Explosives, fireworks and ammunition

– Edged weapons

– Firearms

– Glass bottles

– All other means intended for causing damage


hearing protection


The Power Truck Show is full of action for the whole duration of the event. During the Truck Show, the vibration and noise level of the trucks may temporarily increase, so do see about protecting your hearing and the hearing of any child accompanying you.




Pets are not allowed on the amusement park or Power Truck Show grounds.

Do not leave your dog in a vehicle.


There is a dog park in the PowerPark Horse Center. Pets can be brought to the dog park to stay there for the amusement park opening hours. The charge is 20 euros.


Please bring your own pet food and a toy or a sleeping pad if needed. To inquire about this service, please call +358 50 383 6696.


Lost & found


Lost and found items are delivered at the end of the day to the PowerPark info situated at the western end of PowerPalace, the indoor kart racing track.


You can also inquire about lost items by calling +358 10 3477 600 or by sending e-mail to If you send e-mail, please include a clear description of each lost item, also indicating the date of losing the item, as well as a name and address for returning that item.


Postage will be paid by the customer.


ATM, payment instruments


There is no automated teller machine (ATM) on the PowerPark grounds. The nearest ATM is located at the Alahärmä Härmä Ässä shopping center (distance: approx. 2 km). The most common debit and credit cards are accepted payment instruments at almost all the outlets. However, it is advisable to bring some cash along.


Restaurants and licensed areas


There are numerous food and coffee stalls, as well as licensed areas on the grounds.

Trade fair lunch will be served at PowerPalace on Friday and Saturday at 11:00–16:00.




There is a taxi stand in the immediate vicinity of the event area. The taxi stand is located near the event info point. A good landmark for the taxi stand is the “Dragon Tower” amusement ride, a high green tower in the amusement park.




Smoking is allowed in separately marked smoking areas.


Security check


Security personnel will conduct a security check. All articles prohibited at the event will be removed at the entrance gates. There is no cloakroom available, so be prepared to take prohibited articles away.





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