truck show

truck show

International Truck Show

Over the years, the Power Truck Show has become an international truck show featuring the most spectacular trucks in northern Europe, hailing both from home and abroad.


For an increasing number of people, the Power Truck Show is the event of the season, where they can come and see customized trucks and other vehicles with awesome paint schemes, meet their friends and enjoy the cool vibes and the great program.



The judging panel of the show will award prizes in each category. The categories are based on the intended purpose of the vehicles, and the competition category of each individual vehicle is determined in accordance with its primary use.

  • Model cars, juniors up to 16 years of age
  • Model cars, seniors above 16 years of age
  • Vans
  • Army vehicles
  • Pick-Ups
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Classic Cars
  • Veteran cars
  • Nostalgia cars
  • Semitrucks 2020 and older
  • Semitrucks 2021–23
  • Semitrucks with trailers
  • International semitrucks
  • International semitrucks with trailers
  • Tanker / bulk trucks
  • Box / freight trucks 2020 and older
  • Box / freight trucks 2021–23
  • Timber trucks
  • Wood chip trucks
  • Gravel / dump trucks
  • Demountable trucks
  • Supply trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Crane trucks
  • Special trucks
  • American trucks
  • Show Trucks

The judges will also award prizes in the following categories


Best paint scheme
Best interior
Best bodywork
Honors I–IV
Longest journey
Newcomer of the year
Most presentable exhibition booth

The audience chooses their favorites


Super Truck


The five best entries in the “Challengers” category and the five best entries in the “Super trucks” category will form a new top 10 super vehicles category, “Super Trucks”. Once the new “Super Trucks” category is formed, each entrant in that category will assess the entries of all the other entrants in the same category, giving each vehicle other than their own a score.


This process will be used to select the winner and the top 3 vehicles of the entire Power Truck Show.


The organizer reserves the right to combine categories and the option of screening out entries.

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