Arriving at the event

Arriving at the event





On Saturday, visitors may use a free, non-stop shuttle from Härmän Ravirata, at Härmäntie 38, to a stop near the event grounds. Follow the signs to Härmänravirata, Härmäntie 38, where buses run non-stop to the event grounds. We recommend that you use this convenient, free non-stop shuttle! 


The parking fee is €5 per vehicle per day.


On Friday and Saturday, trade fair guest parking is located in the nearby parking areas and on Saturday also at Härmän Ravirata, which offers a free non-stop shuttle bus operated by Härmän Liikenne to a stop near the event grounds, about 100 meters from the entrance gate.


There are signs that will direct you to the parking areas, and traffic signalers will guide the parking of vehicles during the event. Please obey the signals given by the traffic signalers to ensure that parking goes as smoothly as possible.


The parking fee is €5 per vehicle per day both in the nearby parking areas and at Härmän Ravirata.


You can pay for parking at the Power Truck Show ticket sales, when you arrive or leave the parking area or at the PowerPark amusement park ticket sales.


Härmän Ravirata is located at:

Härmäntie 38, 62300 Härmä

The nearby parking areas are located at:
Arriving from the south:

Yliviitalantie 112, 62300 Härmä or Jorma Lillbackantie 1, 62300 Härmä


Arriving from the north:

Yliviitalantie 112, 62300 Härmä


Signs leading to the nearby parking areas and Härmän Ravirata will be posted along Highway 19 for vehicles driving from the south and the north about 14 kilometers before the event grounds.


All the traffic arrangements also apply to the visitors of the amusement park.


The parking spaces outside the RoadHouse shopping center are reserved for the customers of the shopping center.



Accessible parking is only available for people with an appropriate permit. There are very few parking spaces right next to the grounds. Accessible parking spaces have been reserved for visitors in the parking area of Stand A at the outdoor karting circuit (Mika Salo Circuit) of PowerPark. The number of spaces is very limited, so please be patient.


The traffic signalers will guide traffic and can tell you about the availability of accessible parking.


If there are no accessible parking spaces available, the driver has the option of taking the passenger to the entrance gate and then driving the vehicle to a nearby parking area or the parking area at Härmän Ravirata (only on Saturday), which offers a non-stop shuttle bus operated by Härmän Liikenne to a stop near the event grounds, about 100 meters from the entrance gate.



Roadside signs will guide buses to a parking area near the entrance. There is also room for more than 10 buses in the new RoadHouse shopping center along Highway 19.



The motorcycle parking area is located just off Highway 19 on the road leading to the amusement park right after the bridge on the left side of the road.



Exhibitor and press parking is located at the address Yliviitalantie 112, 62300 Härmä.



By train

The nearest railway station is located in Härmä, about 1.5 kilometers from the PowerPark amusement park and the event grounds. Some of the north- and southbound trains stop at the Härmä station during the summer season. A free bus service is available from the Härmä station to the event and the amusement park for the passengers of all the trains that stop at the station.


Train timetables can be found at


By bus

Bus timetables can be found at



Contact information for taxis can be found here >



The Power Truck Show will be organized at PowerPark. The official address is Puistotie 3, 62300 Härmä. However, the road is relatively new, so it may not be shown on the maps of all navigators. In that case, you should navigate to the address Jorma Lillbackantie 1 instead. Alahärmä is part of the city of Kauhava.  

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